22-23 JULY

Festival artists

Festival program



«Vremena Goda» orchestra by Dmitriy Logvinov (Ukraine).
Special guest – Deborah Brown (USA)

To the 100th anniversary of the Telonius Monk program «2 by Monk by 2»: Benny Green (USA) and Dado Maroni (Italy)

Dominic Farinacci (USA) and Vincent Bourgeux trio (France).
Special guest — Deborah Brown (USA)

Joey DeFrancesco & «The People» (USA) — album presentation «Project Freedom»

Electro-swing band «Ginkgoa» starring Nicolle Rochelle (France)



Irina Rodiles, Victor Dvoskin, Andrey Kondakov, Jury Bilenko with a program dedicated to native city

Alexey Vilkulov big-band (Ukraine).
Special guest — Nicolle Rochelle (France)

Mickael Mwenco and «The Shakes» (USA) starring Vuyo Sotashe and Michela Marino Lerman.

Tatyana Goncharova and art-project “To Ye…”

Andrey Kondakov’s band with program «Electric Project» starring Margarita Kondakova and Emi Piters.

To the 100th anniversary of Ella Fitzgerald: Patty Austin (USA) with program «For Ella»

Festival events

July 1, 20.00 – “Evening of Pierce” final of the contest “Jazz on PIRS.

Every 2 weeks from the beginning of summer, “pirsians” gather at their traditional Place on the Quay to support young jazz musicians who Compete for the right to speak at the main stage of the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”.

We are waiting for the last qualifying concert on July 16 in which 4 Jazz collective. The beginning is traditional at 20:00.

The finalists of the contest are determined by the star jury chaired by Andrey Kondakova.

July 21 on the specially constructed stage will be announced the winner-participant “Jazz on the Dnieper River”.

In addition, spectators are waiting for surprises from the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”: a rally Tickets to the fan zone of the festival and the performance of “a secret guest”.

We continue the tradition of free master classes from the stars of the festival “Jazz On the Dnieper”.

July 22 – curator of the youth programs of the New York Lincoln Jazz Center, Vocalist and band-leader Michael Mvenson and musicians of the band “The Shakes”.

July 23 – holder of the title “International Ambassador of Jazz” Dominik Farinachchi (Trumpet), Vincent Bourgeois (pianoforte), Darryl Hall (double bass), Obid Calver (drums).

Master classes will be held in the premises of the Dnepropetrovsk Conservatory. M. Glinka. The beginning at 11.30

July 22 and 23 at 11 am in the Park. Shevchenko teachers of musical Schools and animators of the “Holiday for All” studio will conduct interactive Classes with children, dedicated to acquaintance with jazz music.

Young guests of the park are waiting for games and entertainment from the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”.

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Jazz does not belong to one nation and culture - it's a gift to the whole world

The festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”, founded in Dnеpropetrovsk in 1968, for a long time was one of the main events in the cultural life of our city. Jazz stars of the first magnitude were honored to take part in it – they came here from the different parts of the big country. And young musicians, thanks to participation in the festival, often got a great start for their career, after which they successfully developed it and became real professionals.

For its almost forty-year history, “Jazz on the Dnieper” experienced various periods – from oblivion to rebirth. In September 2016, after a long break, the festival returned to the city on the Dnieper. He gathered fans of jazz art on several scenic stages, the main one being the stage on the Monastery Island. It is this location will become the main event this year too. On July 22-23, 2017, the revived festival “Jazz on the Dnieper” will again take place by the initiative of the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov – thanks to the “Cultural Capital” program.

This time “Jazz on the Dnieper” will be dedicated to two great stars of the world jazz, whose 100th anniversaries are celebrated in 2017. This is the first lady of jazz Ella Fitzgerald – an American singer, one of the greatest vocalists who possessed a voice range of three octaves, an unrivaled master of vocal improvisation. And also, Telonius Monk who was a jazz pianist and composer, an innovator, whose music, undoubtedly, is actual for jazz of the XXI century. In honor of two stars from the past in the Dnieper, modern jazz stars will sing, which will become the headliners of the festival. However, the performances of other participants of this grandiose musical event will surely be no less bright and impressive!

Ella Fitzgerald was born on April 25, 1917, and a hundred years and three months later in her honor at the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper” will sing Patti Austin – the real legend of the music scene of the United States, which has in her arsenal 17 solo albums, the “Grammy” Best jazz vocal “, as well as recorded sound-tracks to popular films and author’s music. To the 100th anniversary of the jazz legend, Patti Austin recorded an album of the singer’s memory entitled “For Ella”, which was also nominated for the Grammy Award. All the compositions from this album are author’s processing of Ella Fitzgerald’s immortal hits. Patty Austin will present them at the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”.

The second star from the past, which invisibly will be present at the festival, was born on October 10, 1917, Telonius Monk. In the music world, he is widely known as one of the creator of such direction as bebop. “2 Monk for 2” is a duet tribute program of the top modern pianists – Benny Green (USA), dedicated to the outstanding musician of the last century, former member of the cult collective “Art Messegers” Art Blakey, and Dado Moroni, repeatedly recognized as the best jazz pianist in Italy . It will be a show of two grand pianos and virtuosic technique, which is simply impossible to miss!

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