Jazz on the Dnieper - means


jazz compositions performed by musicians and vocalists who occupy the central place of the world jazz Olympus. Experiments and jazz standards, young musicians and jazz maestros, new creative collaborations, which often appear spontaneously and turn out to be unexpectedly successful.


artists, whom we are lucky enough to see maybe once in our lives, receiving them in our hometown, each of them is unique, being example of hard work and talent, as well as great discipline and will power. Such meetings are thought-provoking, after them you certainly will not stay the same, personal growth won’t keep you waiting. Understanding of this inspires...


the mood of summer, recharging your batteries and the most vivid impressions for the whole year, memorable meetings, captured in the photos, pieces of the summer holidays, which take back you to this picture throughout the year.


To feel something new…. New inside of you, the place where you live. The people that surround you…. Music that fills you all to come out with a new capacity…. Ideas, decisions, actions - creative and beautiful ... For musicians, these are also many opportunities for new collaboration, which will undoubtedly be memorable and, possibly, promising.


"Jazz on the Dnieper" was founded in 1968, gathering the most prominent musicians of the Soviet Union scale. But, at the beginning of the 21st century, the festival should have taken a long pause due to economical instability. In 2016 this pause was broken and the festival had the 2d birth, making a step into new story. Something goes to the past, something stays, but we hold the main feature of the festival, it always unites the best musicians of the world level. "Jazz on the Dnieper-2019. New story".

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Arturo Sandoval


Jacky Terrasson


Beyond the jazz







20-21 july

Saturday, Sunday

Monastyrski Island

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