Jazz on the PIRS – concert on July 15, 2018.

July 15, 2018 in the Dnieper on Sicheslava Embankment will be the final concert of the competition of young musicians “Jazz on PIRS”Recall that the winner of this contest will receive a cash prize and the right to speak on July 22, 2018. on the main stage of the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”.

So, we are glad to present you the guests of the evening “Jazz on PIRS”:

Está No Ar is a collective that has united young talented musicians from the Dnieper. “Está no ar” in Portuguese means “is in the air”. So the repertoire that you will hear from the guys this evening will allow you to tear yourself away from the earth and be alone with your thoughts and dreams.

Está No Ar – finalists of “Jazz on the Pier 2017” in the updated line-up. Who are they?

  • Natalia Sulim (vocals) is a sensual subtle world, which, imbued with the vibrations of its own timbre, dissolves the anxiety and fear of every guest who comes.
  • Vladislav Tsarik (keyboards) – when a hobby is a great love for music, and the main thing is the IT sphere. Such interpenetration gives rise not only to sophisticated mathematics, but, at the same time, simply the desire to remain in constant euphoria from the opportunity to share this with passers-by.
  • Dmitry Yakovenko (drums) is a cheerful, bright and charismatic guy whose rhythms will make any listener dance.

This project does not position itself as a modern-innovative-conceptually-fresh interpretation. But it is unequivocally sincere, sincere, honest.

As in the past year, on the “Jazz on Pier” the team will present the Latin American program, so prepare to free your thoughts from everyday tasks and dance to the rhythm of Latin rhythms.

Agata Vilchik and Anna Minakova (Kharkov) – music that appears in their interaction, projects states of contemplation, self-absorption, dissolution outward, accumulation and avalanche-like splash of energies.

Agata Vilchik is a musician who is not subject to classification, does not fetter himself with genre frames, not a product or a project, as is customary now, but a person, a person expressing himself through music and not only. It takes everything from everywhere, refracts and fills with its own meanings. The object of her search can be any, even the most unexpected, musical material: bardic lyrics, folklore motifs, rock and pop music, free jazz and, in fact, uncomplicated improvisation. In her performance – a colossal charge of spontaneity and presence here and now, in a living sound. And the more interesting it is to observe how the world, which it is, and which it creates, grows, grows and flows somewhere. Participant of Tavala festivals, Details of Sound, Street Music by Alfa Jazz, Lviv Acoustic Fest, Zaporizhzhia Jazzy 2018, showcases Kyiv Music Days, leader and creator of the Shadow Tui group. Participated in the sixth season of the TV show “Voice of the Kraini”, where she reached the semifinals.

Anna Minakova is a pianist, laureate of the All-Ukrainian Pianists Contest, the leader of Kharkov’s “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts” Choir (HOSSP), performing modern rock hits in the author’s arrangements. The expressive and exciting manner of Anna’s interaction with keyboards deserves special admiration.

See you at 20:00 on July 15, 2018. in the Dnieper on the Sicheslavskaya Nabereggnaya, near the Family Shop.