Jazz on the Dnieper

“Jazz on the Dnieper 2018” invites journalists and media representatives to cooperate.

The Organizing Committee of the Festival thanks for the cooperation of our regular partners and is always ready to cooperate with new publications, Internet portals and other media representatives.

Accredited journalists have the right:

  • visits to all concerts and events of the festival
  • visiting of festival press events

Representatives of television, radio, print media, Internet publications can be accredited at the Festival.

From one media can be accredited by two people: a journalist and photo correspondent. Other options – in consultation with the organizers. Badges for accredited media will be issued in the organizing committee of the festival. With you you need to have documents proving your identity and belonging to the publication.

The necessary materials for publications can be obtained from the organizers of the Festival. Press Festival of the artists will be organized at the Festival for the press. You will be warned about all the press events in advance.

Applications for accreditation are accepted exclusively in online form until July 16, 2018. In exceptional cases, it is possible to register directly at the event.

The given application does not guarantee accreditation for the event – for each of them an individual decision is made. The organizer has the right to refuse accreditation and to deprive accreditation during the event without explaining the reasons.

Successfully accredited representatives of the press will receive confirmation from the Organizer on the e-mail address specified in the online form. If you did not receive a confirmation and would like to clarify the status of your application, please contact us.

Journalists who have received confirmation from the Organizer will be able to receive badges for visiting all the events of the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”.

Cooperation rules:

  • accredited to the event, the journalist must reliably cover the work and events of the Festival.
  • accredited for the event, the journalist can take part only in public events of the exhibition or special events for the media
  • accredited journalists and press photographers are required to provide all materials relating to the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”: photographs, videos, links to publications.


See you on July 20-22, 2018 at the international festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”!