Deniss Pashkevich

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Denis Pashkevich is one of the brightest and most demanded musicians in Latvia. The talented saxophonist is the endorser and the director of the company Riga winds (London-Riga) and the American Theo Wanne, as well as the official artist Kay Siebold (Hamburg, Germany).

July 22, 2018 At the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper 2018” Deniss Pashkevich will perform in the new project of Dmitry Logvin “Argentum”.

Together with his wife Iolanta, Gulbe-Pashkevich teaches at his private jazz school “Performing Art School”. He founded a concert agency and record companies Denissjazz, Zepirats, Pashkevich Management Group and Riga Room Records. Lectures on the history of music, music management and group creativity