Джаз на Днепре

DZ’OB is the electroacoustic ensemble from Dnipro, Ukraine committed to combine classical music tradition with contemporary electronic approach. DZ’OB not only synthesizes of genres like classics, IDM, techno, dubstep, the band comes up with unique, eclectic sound that blurs the line between epochs, schools and traditions.

The band was founded in 2014 and consists of 7 members: oboe (Vasyl Starshynov), clarinet (Serhii Bilokin), bassoon (Olekii Starshynov), violin (Kateryna Koliada), viola (Iryna Li), cello (Oleksii Badin), electronics (Maksym Andrukh).

Ensemble starts with re-imagining tracks of the most eccentric electronic composers like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher and mixing them with Shostakovich and Haydn. Currently in the band’s repertory there are the pieces composed by its members and in collaboration with modern composers.

July 22, 2018 on the main stage of the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper 2018” the band DZ’OB will present the tracks from the last album “Basement Suite” (December, 2017), which becomes the best EP of the year in Ukraine by version of three online magazines Karabas Live, Muzmapa and Liroom, got a lot of positive feedbacks from critics and authoritative medias like BBC Ukrainian.

“I believe that someday DZ’OB becomes at least an object of a sluggish cult” – Igor Panasov, editor in chief in Karabas Live.

“DZ’OB is the best thing of the Ukrainian music I’ve listened to for the last year, or may be two, or five.” – Andriy Zoin, director of the Respublika Fest