Mikhail and Lyudmila Krymovy

Джаз на днепре

Mikhail and Lyudmila Krymovy (Ukraine, Kiev) are laureates of international jazz festivals, formerly participants of the famous Dnepropetrovsk jazz-rock band CREDO.

Virtuoso instrumentalists, they are the authors and arrangers of the original jazz music. Experts and critics consider the duet as a unique phenomenon not only of Ukrainian, but also of European musical culture. Author’s compositions represent a very unusual fusion of various styles and directions. The musicians managed to create a unique synthesis of classical jazz and oriental meditative music, bordering on the chill-out.

The duet performs in jazz clubs and festivals both in Ukraine and abroad. The music of the Krymovs was heard from concert venues in Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland. The duo of Mikhail and Lyudmila Krymov recorded 3 author’s audio albums. Recently musicians invite to participate in their performances different musicians.

At the festival “Jazz on the Dnieper 2018” Lyudmila and Mikhail Krymov will perform together with the Kiev musician Oleg Grabovlyak (percussion instruments).